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Expertos certificados en educación online para la enseñanza del Ingles como lengua extranjera.
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Instructores de Inglés

Erica Armstrong

Certificación: TEFL
B.A – Biology and Russian Studies

Nice to meet you! I am from a small village in Canada called Chester. During university in Canada, I started tutoring immigrants in my city, who needed to learn English for everyday life. From there, I went on to teach in Moscow, and next, I found myself teaching children online. After completing my education, I started working in a Canadian pathway institute, and then I found you! I also have experience in reproductive medicine.
I am passionate about current affairs, art, and collecting old vinyls! I can’t wait to meet you in our classroom!

Luis Belis

Certificación: TEFL
B.A – Software engineering

I’m currently living in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. I have 5 years of experience teaching ESL in the Dominican Republic for a program that teaches English to college students. I also do software related stuff and love learning new things specially related to technology.
I am really patient with students, especially when there is a difficult topic they may not understand really well.
Hope to meet you all one day!

Tara Bells

Certificación: TEFL
B.A. – Political Science and Sociology

I was raised in Canada, but have now been living in Mexico for 10 years. I have spent over 20 years working in youth programming from summer camps and cruise ships, to 8 years in the classroom as an ESL, Language Arts, History, and Literature teacher. Most recently I have switched to online teaching, and have 3 years experience in that area.
I love to travel. Since I worked in tourism I have now been to over 36 countries, and can’t wait to experience many new countries and cultures in the future as the world begins to open up again. In my free time I enjoy cooking, spending time with my friends, exploring new beaches, doing TRX, and reading.
I look forward to meeting all of my new students with the Canaway Academy!

Kevin Cabrera

Certificación: TESOL
H.B.A – Sociology and Political Science

Hello! Have you ever been to Toronto, Ontario? I’d like to tell you about my hometown someday.
I have been teaching English online and in person for over 8 years. For 5 years I lived and taught in Japan. I experienced what it was like to learn a new language and live in a new place. I hope to help people who are going through the same experience.
I look forward to having fun and productive lessons with you. Peac

Caleb Espinosa

Certificaciones: TESOL y TSFL
H. B.A – Biology & Environmental Science

I was born in Ontario, Canada, but raised in Panama. I assimilated both the English and Spanish languages from a very early age. I have taught ESL classes with Canaway for nearly two years, as well as science classes more recently. I love science
I also enjoy recreational activities and hobbies like cycling, skating, hiking, and playing musical instruments.

Zoila Green

Certificación: TEFL
B.Ed – Elementary Education

I am a passionate educator with experience in elementary education and language education. Although I teach at the elementary and college level, I love helping my English students achieve their language goals.
I pursue continuous personal and professional growth and strive to create lessons that spark a desire to learn.
Some of my hobbies are performing educational and nutritional research, writing, hiking, exploring new recipes, and doing yoga.
Other activities I enjoy are going on road trips and trying out new vegan eateries.
I speak Spanish, English and some Italian.

Mary-Ann Hummel

Certificación: TESL Canada.
M.Ed. in Adult Education and Distance Learning.

Hello everyone, I am located in Calgary, Alberta in Western Canada. I am a tourism teacher at a local college in the School of Hospitality. My passion is of course travelling with my family and with my students.
I have been to many places in Central and South America and I am obsessed with the culture and languages there. I am learning Spanish and understand the difficulties of learning a new language.
I look forward to meeting all my ‘new’ students in the Canaway program.

Jackline Ken

Certificaciones: TEFL and TEYL
H.B.A. – Communication Studies

Language, Food and Culture are my motto.
I have been to a few countries and most recently came back from teaching in South Korea. I love languages and teaching English is my most enjoyed career. I have worked with children and adults from different parts of the world. I am a native English speaker from Toronto, Ontario.
I enjoy watching tv dramas, acting and of course trying new food.
I believe that learning is an adventure and it can be very fun. So I hope to take you on an English adventure where you can learn and laugh. I look forward to meeting you all!

Roxanne Loncar

Certificaciones: CELTA and TEFL
B.A. – English Language & Literature. Queen’s University

Hello there, my name is Roxanne Loncar nice to virtually meet you
I’m CELTA certified to teach English as a second or foreign language with Oxford TEFL and have a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language & Literature from Queen’s University in Canada. I’m also studying Chinese Mandarin so I know how it feels to learn another language. When I’m not teaching I like to make art, go hiking in the woods, and play the ukulele.
English is truly one of my greatest passions so I put a lot of time and energy into making sure my students get the best experience. I invite you to come to join me in a relaxing, stress-free learning environment and have fun learning the magical English Langauge. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Irais Loya

Certificaciones: TESOL

Hello! I’m from Mexico City. I have taught English for Special Purposes and General English in several countries. I have also worked as Senior Teacher in Kuala Lumpur and as Language Coordinator in Mexico City. In 2015, I made the switch from on-site to online teaching. Working online has many possibilities, and it’s fun to explore them in an English class.
When I’m not in class, I’m out and about taking pictures, or listening to a good podcast in a cozy café.

Julia Mazhugo

Certificación: TESL
B.A and Master’s in English and French

Hi everyone,
My name is Julia Mazhugo and I am a language aficionado living in Ottawa, Canada. I have studied six languages so far and I’ve mastered four of them. My passion has always been teaching languages. I’ve been giving English classes for over 15 years now to kids and adults of all ages and origins online and in the classroom. My motto is passion+patience=progress. I challenge my students to grow and learn and I work for their results as I love my job.
My hobbies include visiting new places, going to museums and learning about new cultures and traditions.

Nicole Muir

Certificación: TESOL
B.A. – Business Management

I have recently returned to my hometown in Ontario, Canada, after 14 years in Asia. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, I believe in the strong image of the child and see all children as strong, capable learners, who are entitled to and deserving of respect and appreciation.
I speak English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. I love to travel, learn new languages and immerse myself in new cultures. In my spare time, you will find me gardening, reading, cooking or relaxing at the beach.
I look forward to meeting my new students at Canaway, sharing our passions for language and lifelong learning, and growing together throughout this journey!

Cristian Nieva

Certificación: TEFL

Hello everyone! I’m Cristian Nieva, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Thanks for your time.
I’ve been teaching English for more than 10 years in different Language Schools and Public Schools in my country. I specialize in Phonetics and Phonology. I definitely enjoy teaching, so I hope that you like my lessons as well!
I’m also an opera singer, graduated from a musical academy called Julian Aguirre, in Buenos Aires, I also had a heavy metal band, so music is really my thing.

Nadine Strudensky

Certificación: TEFL
B.A – Education: Specialization in Teaching

I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Montreal, Quebec in a trilingual household of French, English and Spanish. Growing up, I knew that my calling would be a language teacher. Not only because I would never stop talking and try rhyming every word, but also because every day I would spend a minimum of 30 mins teaching my dolls and stuffed animals their verb tenses and how to tell a story.
As I grew older, the love of teaching English only expanded and deepened. I went on to Concordia University and received an B.Ed in Education, specializing in Teaching English as a Second Language. I then started working for various language schools, elementary and high schools. With each passing year, I learnt new teaching methods and language skills to help my students improve their language and communication skills.
My main interests: Traveling, working out, yoga and walking my dog.
I can’t wait to meet you all! 🙂

Madeline Torres

Certificaciones: TESOL y TEFL
B.A – Elementary Education

Hello there! I have been teaching for over 7 years both online and classroom. I stopped teaching for a while and found myself going back to what I really love to do and that is teaching. They said, “Once a teacher, always a teacher. No matter where you go or what you do, you can never truly get out of teaching!
“I believe that a classroom should be a safe, caring community where children are free to speak their mind and blossom and grow.
I love traveling and dream of traveling the world before I retire 🙂
Hope to see you in my class

Veronica Trunzo

Certificaciones: CELTA and TEFL
B.A – History and Literature

I have been teaching ESL for 7 years; I have experience with teaching Business English, IELTS preparation, and ESL from beginner levels to advanced. I have taught in ESL schools in Cambodia, China, and Chile, and have been teaching online for 2 years.
I enjoy reading, traveling around the world, practicing yoga, hiking, and learning new languages!

Instructores Canaway Private School

Camille Dube

English & Social Science
Academic Coordinator

Currently I live in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
I´m originally from a small town in rural Alberta, where I grew up on a farm and enjoyed the rural way of life. However, my passion has always been teaching. Thus I made a move to “the big city” of Edmonton, Alberta, where I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Education with a major in Humanities and a minor in Spanish from the University of Alberta.
Throughout the years I have worked in multiple capacities within the field of education such as a tutor in my younger years, and inclusion support coordinator at the post-secondary level for students with developmental disabilities, and as a full-time High School English and Spanish teacher. I thrive in my current position with Canaway because it allows me to connect with students and share my passions for language and learning.
In addition to my Bachelor’s Degree and OCT certification, I am currently pursuing my eLearning Development diploma.

Colleen Moore

Math & Science
Academic Coordinator

Currently I live in North Bay Ontario, Canada.
After growing up in North Bay, I studied physics at the University of Waterloo before attending Queen’s University to obtain my Bachelor of Education.
I have spent 25 years as a self-employed tutor, specializing in secondary math and science in the Ottawa area, helping hundreds of students obtain their academic goals. Through her many years of experience, I have gained a thorough knowledge of the Ontario math and science curriculum and the challenges it presents for students.
My broad experience in both coaching and teaching adolescents has allowed me to hone my communication and motivational skills, enabling me to provide support for each student to succeed.


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