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Whether you are just starting college or university, or are a professional in search of a postgraduate program, we can help.  Our advisors can provide information and suggestions for your next move. Create your own destiny!
Canada: Unlock the door to the world

About Our Programs

As consultants with partnerships with several educational institutions, we can access a large database of university and college programs to match your career and lifestyle criteria.  From diplomas, degrees, postgraduate certificates, or master’s; with or without co-op periods; of varying durations (2 years, 3, years, 4 years); whether they are in Canada, USA, Australia, or the U.K, we can find you the best fit to your needs and budget.
Though we mainly focus on Canada, we can access programs from other countries.  Moreover, you can always start your studies in Canada and later move to another university or college in another country if you wish.
Let Canaway be the key to unlock the door to the world for you!

Sample Programs

Below are examples of popular programs from different institutions we work with.
Programs in Computer Animation

Computer Animation

Programs in Mechatronics


Programs in Nursing

Nursing and Health Sciences

Programs in Environment Sciences

Environmental Sciences

Supply Chain Managment

Supply Chain Management

Culinary Operations

Culinary Operations

Cybersecurity computer forensics

Cybersecurity Computer Forensics

Marketing Management Digital Media

Marketing Management Digital Media

Our Prices

General information and first meeting - FREE

In this first meeting with a Canaway consultant, we try to understand your situation and provide some generic advice.

Second Meeting - $50 USD

In this second meeting, we firm up your criteria and goals and work towards achieving those goals. The $ 50 USD is collected as a deposit. When you are ready to apply to a given college or university, this deposit will be used as part of the application fee that those institutions charge. In some cases, through our partners, we can obtain discounts for those application fees as well! An agreement is signed to formalize our relationship. You are free to rescind the agreement at any time with a 2-week notice.

How Canaway is compensated

Universities and colleges compensate us for our recruitment work, but this does not influence our recommendations. We always think about the student first. This is consistent with our values as a company in the way we operate.

Toronto - Higher Education

Immigration Policy

Canada has a flexible immigration policy. While you study, you can work part-time, which can help you pay some of the expenses during your stay. After graduating as an international student, you can obtain a work permit for a defined period of time (maximum 3 years according to current laws). Additionally, there are a number of options to become a permanent resident in Canada.


“When I searched educational institutions in Canada, Lambton College offered a two-year graduate certificate with a 'Coop.' The 'Coop' allows you to put into practice whatever you are learning and allows you to gain experience in Canada. I was able to get a part-time job as a Project Coordinator through Lambton while I was studying. I also attended talks organized for Lambton by experts in different industries. This allowed me to expand my business contacts."

— Paula B., student at Lambton College

Our Partners

In partnership with Let’s Go Canada, Applyboard, ILAC / Canadian Edge, and direct relationship with universities and colleges in Canada, the USA, Australia and the U.K, we have access to more than 1,200 institutions around the world!

Partner Educational Institutions


This webinar talks about postgraduate programs (in Spanish)


The common requirements are:

1. English language proficiency

A total score of 6.5 (with no band lower than 6.0) in the IELTS Academic (Level B2 to C1 in the Common European Framework of Reference, CEFR). If you don’t have the required level, Canaway Academy does offer a course to prepare you for the IELTS exam.

2. A minimum GPA in university or high school courses.

The minimum GPA (Grade Point Average) that you obtained in your studies in your country. The minimum GPA requirement varies per program and college/university you are applying to. A minimum of 50% may be acceptable to some programs.

3. Documents

  1. A valid and current passport.
  2. Transcripts from the high school and university or institute in your country with an official translation into English.
  3. IELTS TRF certificate or confirmation of the day the exam will be taken.

4. Proof of financial capacity

An academic year’s investment is approximately $ 12,000 USD and is paid before applying for the student visa.

You must prove you have at least an additional $ 8,000 USD in a bank account to cover your living expenses (meals, housing, transportation) and other expenses for one year.

Yes, your student visa allows you to work part-time (20 hours a week) while you study. During vacation/time-off, you can work 40-hours a week (full time). This is according to the current regulations from the government but is subject to change at any time.

It is rare that your part-time job income in Canada be enough to cover the college/university tuition. It may help with food and transportation, but that’s about it.

Approximately 20,000 USD is the minimum you need for the first year of studies at a college, where tuition will be about 12,000 USD and the cost of living 8,000 USD.  These prices are rough estimates and vary per program, college/university, and city where you live.

Scholarships are granted by the college, university, or a third party sponsor. They are quite competitive, and some are restricted only to Canadian citizens or Canadian Permanent Residents. You can research independently for scholarships and can also research in your own country for government-sponsored ones.

In Canaway Academy’s case, we provide advice and support only to our Canaway Private School (CPS) high school students. CPS High School students can obtain an entrance scholarship of $ 1,500 CAD if they are admitted and start with Trent University. This is due to a special partnership with that university.  Moreover, many colleges and universities offer “automatic” entrance scholarships based on the GPA earned during Grade 12 of high school.

Entrance scholarships are only applicable for the first year. 

The sooner you prepare, the better! First, assess your English skills. If you have no skill at all, it will take you at least 18 months to learn the language at a level that will allow you to apply to college or university. Canaway Academy offers 20 English levels of one month each going from Basic to Advanced.

Start saving as soon as possible! You will need at least $ 8,000 USD for the cost of living and $ 12,000 USD for the first year. This is the first step to later apply for a student visa.

Look for a college or university that satisfies your requirements: The career you want to pursue, the budget you have, the city where it is located. Canaway Academy can help you with this step.

After you apply to the desired educational institution, it can take a few weeks to months to get a Letter of Acceptance (LOA). With the LOA, you will be given a date when you need to make payment of a deposit to secure your seat for the school year at the educational institution. Most immigration consultants recommend paying for the entire full year of tuition, even though the educational institution may only request one semester.

Next, with the receipt of payment, the LOA, and financial statements showing you have at least $ 10,000 CAD (approximately $ 8,000 USD) in the bank, accumulated for more than 3 months at least, you can submit your visa application. Canaway Academy is not a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC); however, we can direct you to one.

After you obtain your student visa, prepare your bags, and get ready to start a new life! If you need support with logistics or even someone to pick you up at the airport in Canada, Canaway Academy may also be able to help for a service fee.

We will provide guidance and help with the required documentation as much as possible, but the visa application is personal.