>> Our Differentiators <<

We offer real-time, interactive, online classes with experienced certified teachers.

Our Teachers

Our Canadian teachers are Ontario Certified (OCT) and/or have a Ph.D. This means they have not only pursued their regular university studies but have spent one to three more years preparing to become teachers, besides having to take additional training to teach other subjects.

Our Classes

At CPS, our class sizes are very small, not exceeding 10 students in most cases. Besides, we have at least 50% of our classes live (real-time) online. Moreover, for Grade 9 and 10, live classes are 100% of the time. This helps establish a connection between teachers and students.

Our Materials

Our materials have mostly been developed by the same teachers teaching the subjects. This means they have an intimate knowledge of the materials and the subjects and follow all the Ministry of Education requirements and guidance to comply with the OSSD demands.

Our Methodology

Our methodologies and guidelines follow all Ontario Ministry of Education standards, and we implement them using the latest technologies. We believe in having at least 50% of instructional time as live classes. For Grade 11 and 12, we use the flipped classroom methodology often used in universities.

Our Support

There is direct and constant support by CPS teachers using WhatsApp and other tools. Teachers also have 1 on 1 sessions with the students where they receive personal feedback to improve. Reinforcement is constant with frequent quizzes, assignments and review sessions.

Our Career Counselling

CPS has a designated guidance counsellor to mentor and support students with career and university selection and guidance with the college or university application. CPS also helps with scholarship applications, participation in extra-curricular activities and essay reviews.

Our Students

Most of our students are international students from all over the world, and they are driven to succeed. Their motivation and passion are very high, which raises the entire class's level and makes the classes more interesting and enjoyable for both students and teachers!

Class Recordings

One of the main advantages of a virtual high school is that all the classes can be recorded. This is quite helpful to students because they can review the material at their own pace. Moreover, for shy students, or students whose first language is not English, recordings are essential!


While the curriculum and requirements are strictly followed using the Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines, these are flexible enough to customize the learning. The document "Growing Success" is strictly followed to ensure a fair and transparent evaluation and assessment of the students.