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Nuestros profesores de Inglés

Sue Allen

BA, B.Ed.
ESL Instructor

B.A. – Germanic and Slavic Studies
B.Ed., Master of Library Science

My hobbies are hiking, camping, and spending time with my dogs.

Eisha Anum

B.A, B.Ed. M.Ed, CELTA
ESL Instructor

Community Healer/Peace Builder, Aspiring Writer/Budding Philosopher/Obliging Conversationalist
B.Ed. Intermediate/High School Teacher of Social Sciences, Humanities, English 
B.A. in Post-Colonial Studies, Philosophy and Middle Eastern History
M.Ed. in Social Justice Education, Adult Education and Community Development

As a proud learner and participant in the human experience, I seek experiences that cultivate my understanding and perception of an interconnected universe. This has led me to the teaching profession, one that enables me to be an educator and humble learner simultaneously. I love dancing and movement, music and connecting with other beings. I also enjoy reading and writing, and am currently working on an anthology of short stories. Moreover, I am interested in alternative healing modalities, and aspire to do my doctorate thesis on communities being the nucleus of human development and the healing of personal and collective trauma.

Melanie Cherevaty

BSc, TESL, TEFL, OCELT, IELTS Examiner Certified.

ESL Instructor, Course Developer

I have been working in ESL and IELTS for 15 years. I love working with students to help them achieve their language goals! In my spare time, I enjoy curling up with a good book, running, cooking international dishes, and hanging out with my family and friends.

Selena Clark

ESL Instructor

M.A – Spanish Linguistics
B.A – French and Spanish
TEFL Certified (120 hours)

I like to travel, dance, go to the beach, and spend time with others.

Caleb Espinosa

HBSc, Educational Support Diploma, TESOL
ESL Instructor

Having been surrounded by both English and Spanish from a very young age, I now look to share that understanding to learners in a dynamic and engaging way that welcomes students to participate without fear of mistakes. It is very fulfilling and enjoyable.

I spent the majority of my childhood in Panama. I enjoy playing music, primarily piano and flute, and I like to keep active through things like biking and skating.

Ingrid Gluzmann-Martin

ESL Instructor

Hon. B.A. Psychology & Architectural Design

Teaching ESL is fairly new to me, but I am trilingual (English, Spanish & French) and truly believe that speaking multiple languages broadens your horizons!  I have found teaching very rewarding so far!

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to Canada at a very young age. In my free time, I like to exercise, DJ, ride my motorcycle, travel, and spend time with my little family 🙂

Matthew Gray-Smith

BMus – Performance, TESL, Instructional Design Certificate (in progress)
ESL Instructor, Course Developer

I have been involved in education in a multitude of ways since 2013: as a Teacher, an Administrator and an Instructional Designer. One of the most important things I’ve learned in this industry is that education is universal. Everyone can benefit from education, whether you are nine years old or ninety years old. 

In 2013 I worked briefly as an ESL Teacher in Bogota, Colombia. The experience changed my life and I also learned to speak Spanish! I then decided to devote myself to working in the education field.

Derek Hardin

ESL Instructor, Course Developer

B.A. – Geography
M.Ed. – Studies of Asia
M.A. – English
TESL Canada (Standard 3)
TESOL (120 hours)
TEFL (100 hours)
EFL Teacher Training (100 hours)

Joanna Heleniak

B.A, M.A
ESL Instructor

B.A. – English Language and Literature
M.A. – Linguistics

I have been teaching a variety of ESL and IELTS preparation courses to students of all ages for over 15 years. I take pride in making sure my students make the most out of their learning experience.

Noelia Hernandez

ESL Instructor

B.A – History, English, Anthropology

I have been teaching for 6 years. Teaching a year in China is where I found my passion to become an ESL teacher. I love helping students find their voice in a new language!

My hobbies include cross-stitching, reading, practicing yoga, and running.
Fun Fact: I did a 10k run on the Great Wall of China!

Julia Klimack

ESL Course Developer

OCT Certified
Honours B.A. Specialization in English
B.Ed. Primary/Junior Division
ABQ Intermediate Division: English
TEFL/TESOL Certified
Archaeological Field Technician

Lucas Linhares

ESL Instructor, Course Developer

Honours Bachelor of Arts – Specialization in Political Science.

My goal as a teacher is to make you self-reliant, independent and confident to express and experience life! In my spare time, I love reading about philosophy and psychology, but most importantly getting to know people!

Alison MacDonald

ESL Instructor, Course Developer

B.A. Linguistics and Spanish

I have taught English in Spain and Canada and love seeing students learn new skills and ways of communicating in English. Teaching is very rewarding for me.

 In my free time I like to dance, learn languages, travel, and spend time with my family and friends. I love keeping fit by practicing pilates, cycling and doing fitness classes.

Melissa Moreno

B.A English
ESL Instructor

Hello all. I have been a teacher for 6 years and have been with Canaway since January 2020. Fun fact about me is that I taught in China for 9 months and visited 6 cities while I was there.

I speak English and Spanish, and I am currently learning Korean, so I know how exciting and nerve wracking it is to learn a new language. Together we can overcome these hurdles!

Sarah Nickerson

ESL Instructor, Course Developer

B.A – English Literature
Cambridge CELTA (Pass A)

I have over 13 years of teaching experience, and my favourite things are travelling, reading, working out, and going to the park with my rescue dog, Mulla.

Catherine Plante

ESL Instructor

B.Ed., Major in Spanish Language

I started teaching in 2011 and I love languages. I enjoy helping you to learn English while I teach my own kids to speak Spanish!

Farzana Rajack

ESL Instructor

B.A. Biology

Hi, I have been teaching for over 7 years. I have taught in Canada and Trinidad, in the Caribbean, where I was born. I studied in Canada and have lived there for many years. I am a Canadian citizen.

I enjoy working out, reading and travelling.

Kerzia Saldua

B.A, B.Ed.
ESL Instructor

B.A. – English, Specialized Honours
B.Ed. – qualified in all divisions (P/J/I/S)
Additional Teaching Qualifications: ESL, Visual Arts, Social Sciences

I have been teaching for over 7 years. My life revolves around food (I cook international dishes all the time) and travel. I have been to 53 countries and counting. My latest grand adventure was back in January 2020 when I made it all the way to Papua New Guinea! My “pandemic hobby” is changing hair colours/styles every month.

Mia Slochowski

BSc, B.Ed, MSc Ed, OCT
ESL Instructor

OCT certified 
Master of Science in Education,
Bachelor of Education (B Ed)
Bachelor of Honours Philosophy
Additionally Qualifications : ESL Pt1/2, Reading Pt1, Computers in the Classroom Pt1

Hello 🙂 I am an elementary school teacher (13 years; YRDSB, Supply Teacher) and an ESL teacher for Canaway kids, teens, and adults  (since August 2020). Teaching and supporting  students, both in English and in Spanish, is my passion!

I was born in Lima, Peru and moved to Toronto, Canada with my family when I was 9 years old. I worked for many summers as a day camp counselor, volunteered/ participated in schools and community organizations for years, and discovered that teaching is my calling. I always prioritize student well-being and emotional support. I’m looking forward to teaching you:)

In my free time I enjoy time with family and friends, going on walks, and exercise.

Andrea Toth

B.A, MSc, TESOL, IELTS Certified Examiner
ESL Instructor, Course Developer

B.A – Linguistics

Teaching ESL has been a very rewarding career for more than 30 years. I enjoy helping students learn and improve their English language skills as much as I enjoy learning other languages.

When I am not teaching, I like to spend time with family and friends, and to go for adventures on my sailboat.

Veronica Trunzo

ESL Instructor, Course Developer

B.A – History and Literature

I have been teaching ESL for 7 years; I have experience with teaching Business English, IELTS preparation, and ESL from beginner levels to advanced. I have taught in ESL schools in Cambodia, China, and Chile, and have been teaching online for 2 years.

I enjoy reading, traveling around the world, practicing yoga, hiking, and learning new languages!

Orcun Unsal

TESOL / Life Skills Coach, Facilitator / Employment Consultant / Project Manager / Social Service Worker SSW
ESL Instructor, Course Developer

I am a proud father of a wonderful teenage son, he is my best friend :). I have been working in the non-profit sector for over 12 years in various capacities assisting newcomers to Canada with job searching skills, facilitating workshops including workplace culture and norms and soft skills and assisting them with their career goals.

My passion is to help motivate people to reach their goals whether personally or professionally by sharing my knowledge, skills and experiences. I love keeping fit by practicing calisthenics, jogging, meditating/yoga/pranayama, and contemplative introspection.  Health is true wealth.

Nichole Walters

B.A, B.Ed. M.Ed, TESOL
ESL Instructor

B.A – Liberal Arts: History
B. Ed: qualified in J/I
Masters : Special Education 

I have been teaching for 5 years. Currently, I work with students with exceptionalities. I have also worked in Kuwait for five years. This has taught me how to understand cultural diversity which has helped me examine cultural bias from a global educational perspective. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, travelling and spending time with my family.

Suzanne Zeidan

ESL Instructor

B.A English
Masters of Linguistics
Certified Google Educator

I have been an English teacher for 15 years. I love teaching, and I especially enjoy helping my students understand English Grammar and improve their listening and comprehension skills. In my free time, I very much enjoy working out, baking cakes, hanging out with my friends, and taking care of my 4 amazing kids.

Lynda Zolcinski

ESL Instructor, Course Developer

B.A – Sociology and French
M.Ed – Second Language Learning
TESOL Certificate
Cambridge CELTA
OCELT Certified

For me, teaching is an art where the masterpiece is the success in students learning something that is relevant and meaningful in their lives. As a teacher,  I always strive to help my students reach their full potential by discovering their capabilities. 

My hobbies include hiking, dancing, reading, baking and travelling!

Nuestros profesores de la Escuela Virtual Canadiense Canaway Private School (CPS)

Éric Desmarais

Math Content Developer and Teacher

Currently living in Ottawa, Ontario. Originally from Ottawa, Ontario, Éric obtained his Honours Bachelor of Sciences with a Specialization in Mathematics  from the University of Toronto before moving to Nova Scotia to obtain his Bachelor of Education from Acadia University in Wolfville.  

Éric has been a tutor for more than 14 years in cities including Montréal, Toronto, Halifax and Ottawa. He has also taught high school mathematics and physics in private and public schools.

Cultivating an understanding and helping students succeed has always been a passion of Éric’s.  Developing content for Canaway creates an outlet to further pursue this passion.

Camille Dubé

English and Humanities  Academic Director, Teacher and Course Developer

Currently living in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Camille is originally from a small town in rural Alberta, where she grew up on a farm and enjoyed the rural way of life. However, Camille’s passion has always been teaching and thus she made the move to “the big city” of Edmonton, Alberta where she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree of Education with a major in Humanities and a minor in Spanish from the University of Alberta. 

Through her years Camille has worked in multiple capacities within the field of education such as a tutor in her younger years, an inclusion support coordinator at the post-secondary level for students with developmental disabilities, and as a full-time High School English and Spanish teacher. She thrives in her current position with Canaway because it allows her to connect with students and share her passions of language and learning. 

In addition to her Bachelor’s Degree and OCT certification, Camille is currently pursuing her eLearning Development diploma.

Sara Hashemi

BSc. MSc. PhD.
Chemistry and Biology Teacher and Course Developer

I’m a full-time MOM who enjoys her job. Teaching has always been my passion, I love to help my students and pass on my knowledge to them.


  • Postdoctoral Degree in Molecular Biology
  • PhD in Molecular Biology
  • Master degree in Chemistry
  • Bachelor degree (Honours) in Chemistry

Work Experience:

  • Scientist at Pharmaceutical Company (Sanofi Pasteur)
  • Professor at Seneca College and Sheridan College
  • Teacher assistant (Chemistry and Biology Department) at York University
  • Course developer and teacher for high school University level Chemistry and Biology courses

Naomi Leece

Business Teacher and Course Developer

Originally from the UK, now lives in Barrie, Ontario.

After achieving her BA (Hons) in Business and Management from Sheffield University, Naomi worked in Marketing for 2 years before deciding on a career change and followed her desire to get into teaching.

Naomi began her teaching career teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages in the UK and Europe.

She became a Business Teacher/Lecturer in 2003 and has taught a wide range of Business courses to high school/college students and adult learners, in both the UK and Canada.

Helping students to develop and achieve their full potential is the main reason that Naomi became a teacher. Teaching a subject such as business, that can be both academic and practical allows her to help students develop their learning skills as well as improve their understanding of the business world.

Joanna McWhirter

French Teacher and Course Developer

Currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta

Joanna is from a small town in Alberta, where she grew up making the best connections with her teachers. It was this experience that made Joanna want to be a teacher herself. After high school, Joanna moved to Edmonton to go to the University of Alberta (where she met Camille and became the best of friends!). 4 years of university later, Joanna took her new Bachelor of Education degree and moved to China to teach. She lived in China for 4.5 years and came back 2 months before COVID-19 hit Canada.

The best thing about being a teacher is the connections with the students. Throughout Joanna’s 5 years of teaching, she has met so many wonderful students, and she can’t wait to meet more! 

Colleen Moore

Math & Science Academic Director, Teacher, and Course Developer

Currently lives in North Bay Ontario, Canada.

After growing up in North Bay, Colleen studied physics at the University of Waterloo before attending Queen’s University to obtain her Bachelor of Education. 

She has spent  25 years as a self-employed tutor, specializing in secondary math and science in the Ottawa area, helping hundreds of students obtain their academic goals. Through her many years of experience, Colleen has gained a thorough knowledge of the  Ontario math and science curriculum and the challenges it presents for students.

Colleen’s broad experience in both coaching and teaching adolescents has allowed her to hone her communication and motivational skills, enabling her to provide the support for each student to succeed.

Marian Siha

Social Science, History, and Law Teacher, Course Developer & Head of Guidance

Currently living in Hamilton, Ontario. 

Marian grew up in the Greater Toronto Area, where she attended York University to achieve her Bachelor of Arts majoring in Criminology. She moved to Ottawa to pursue her Master degree in Legal Studies at Carleton University  where she taught first and second year undergraduate law students. Her passion for teaching was developed during those years and she sought a career in teaching. She went back to York University to complete her Bachelors of Education specializing in Social sciences, History and Law. 

Marian’s diverse working experience equips her to help our students succeed in Post-Secondary Education as she helps them develop their research, critical thinking and communication skills. 

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