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Canadian Virtual High School

Obtain a Canadian High School diploma from the comfort of your home!

Our Value Proposition

We are an accredited High School in Canada offering courses from Grade 9 to 12. Classes are taught online, 100% in English by Canadian Certified Teachers which you can attend virtually from your home country and which will allow you to obtain a diploma from a Canadian High School, just as a Canadian student in Canada does. With the diploma and good grades you can apply more easily to any university or college in Canada and other countries, and have easier access to automatic entrance scholarships.

Sample Diplomas

Below there is a sample diploma (Ontario Secondary School Diploma or OSSD) for students completing high school with Canaway Private School, and another one (Ontario Scholar) for students who get good marks in Grade 12 University Preparation courses.

Sample OSSD - Diploma
Sample Scholar Diploma

A successful case study: Full scholarship for one of our students!

Read this blog post to learn more about Micaela’s journey from making a decision to study in Canada, until getting a full scholarship with Trent University


Enjoy high-quality education at your fingertips

Canadian education is of high quality, and Canaway Private School delivers it at even a higher level. The classes are virtual, for this reason, you can attend them from your usual residence and in your own country.

Obtain the same diploma as a Canadian student

When you graduate, you get the OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma). This is the same diploma a Canadian student in Ontario gets!

Get the guidance from our support staff on application to universities, and scholarships

Our guidance counsellor will support you with all your university and scholarship applications, and any career decision you may take.

Become eligible to most automatic entrance scholarships

Many universities grant automatic entrance scholarships to students with a good GPA in their Canadian Grade 12 courses. This is a one-time scholarship only for the first year, and ranges from $500 CAD to $10,000 CAD depending on the university and program of study.

Experience the Canadian Educational System

If you plan to pursue a career at a university in Canada, studying at Canaway Private School will allow you to experience first-hand how it will be!

Improve your English skills

One thing is to learn English as a Second Language, another is to actually put it into practice every day. All our classes and materials are in English, so you will be exposed to the language 100% of the time!.

Learn more about the Canadian culture

Every day you will be working with Canadian teachers or materials from Canada. Not only will you learn the topics, but the Canadian culture too! When you start your university in Canada, you will be completely used to their culture from the get go!

Improve your networking

Canaway Private School will become your family and all our teachers and admin staff will be there for you, even after you graduate! We will see how we can help you with career decisions, immigration issues, or job hunting! You'll get to know us, and develop your network of contacts for your future life in Canada!


In this webinar (In Spanish), we discuss in detail what Canaway Private School offers! The webinar lasts about 1 hour.

Our Differentiators

We offer real-time, interactive, online classes with experienced certified teachers.

Our Teachers

Our Canadian teachers are Ontario Certified (OCT) and/or have a Ph.D. This means they have not only pursued their regular university studies but have continued studying for more years, preparing to become teachers, besides having to take additional training to teach other subjects.

Our Classes

At CPS, our class sizes are small, not exceeding 10 students in most cases. For Grades 9 and 10, 100% of our classes are live (real-time) online; this helps establish a connection between teachers and students. For Grade 11 and 12 there are independent learning components.

Our Materials

Our materials have mostly been developed by the same teachers teaching the subjects. This means they have an intimate knowledge of the materials and the subjects and follow all the Ministry of Education requirements and guidance to comply with the OSSD demands.

Our Methodology

Our methodologies and guidelines follow all Ontario Ministry of Education standards, and we implement them using the latest technologies. We believe in having a percentage of our instructional time as live classes. For Grade 11 and 12, we use the flipped classroom methodology often used in universities.

Our Support

There is direct and constant support by CPS teachers using WhatsApp and other tools. Teachers also have 1 on 1 sessions with the students where they receive personal feedback to improve. Reinforcement is constant with frequent quizzes, assignments and review sessions.

Our Career Counselling

CPS has a designated guidance counsellor to mentor and support students with career and university selection and guidance with the college or university application. CPS also helps with scholarship applications, participation in extra-curricular activities and essay reviews.

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